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Arenal volcano

October 24th, 2010 No comments

Arenal volcanoI have spent the past couple of days with a great view of an active volcano.  Labeled “one of the ten most active volcanos in the world,” Arenal last got really angry in 1968, although a smaller eruption in 2000 put and end to a restaurant and campsite located at the far side of the lake visible at the bottom of the picture.  Apparently, the lava made its way to within 50 meters of the lake.  All the vegetation you see beyond that is regrowth from the past 10 years.

The highlight of the weekend was a 3-hour horseback tour around the volcano.    That’s probably 2 hours 45 minutes more than I’ve ever spent on a horse before, but surprisingly, I’m not paying for it too badly today.  My trusty steed – Tarzan – was smaller, heavier, and older than the other horses, though…plus he was carrying me…as a results, he was huffing pretty hard most of the time – to the point where the other riders kept commenting.  I felt bad for him and asked the guide how hold he was (11) and how long they could work.  I was surprised to find out that horses can carry riders at twice his age – and horses can live into their 30s.  Learn something new every day.

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