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The kids’ top 5 lists from our trip to California

September 17th, 2009 No comments

We spent a week in Los Angeles last month, visiting family and attending Amy’s cousin Julie’s daughter Alex’s Bat Mitzvah.   I asked the kids what they their top 5 favorite things from the trip were, and they said…

Visiting with cousins
Getting to go to everybody’s houses and be in their pool
The Bat Mitzvah
Going to Venice Beach
Getting a handball

The Bat Mitzvah party
Seeing my cousins
Swimming in the pool
Having Jamba Juice

(he didn’t limit himself to 5, and would have kept going if I hadn’t stopped him at 12)
Playing capture the flag
Doing “My name’s Graham” (he usually has an alias these days)
Alex’s Bat Mitzvah
Ice cream from the ice cream truck
Griffin [his cousin] was funny
Watching TV
Staying at our hotel
Jumping around a lot
Drawing pictures
Going in the pool with Daddy

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